Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome offered comprise ferrochrome ortant chromium ore. It works as alloy of chromium & iron and comprises between 50% and 70% chromium content and provides usage as important iron niobium alloy with niobium content of 60-70% . Basic features of this product is Provides for wide usage in foundry and steel industry applications.

Made available with optimum chemical and physical properties Finding usage during steel production for correcting chrome percentage without causing undesirable variation in carbon/trace element percentage.

Also suitable as low cost alternative to metallic chrome for use in super alloys as well as other special melting applications.

Cr 60% Min
C 1.5%
Si 1.5%
S 0.05%
P 0.05%

Size: 10 to 50/60/80/100/150 MM.

Packing: Bulk/40/50/1000kg Bags.